Customer experience - CX, Customer Contact Management and Digital Transformation are always in HCCU/CCCA focus. After our 1st webinar in June 2020. “Croatian contact centres in pandemic COVID 19 era” we are announcing 2nd webinar with “multi-experience” in focus bring you an interesting topic:

“Channel free Customer Journeys – new concepts for post-Omnichannel era” and guest keynote speaker: Simon Harisson, Avaya SVP and CMO

Webinar will take place Wednesday 25.11.2020. - 13.30h CET /12.30 London time/ on AVAYA Spaces platform. Organizational partners are Avaya and STORM Informatika. Duration cca 75min.

COVID pandemic pointed the importance of our contact centres. Physical distance imperative “push” all on contact centres use on digital channels. The customer experience and customer service functions will see the most impact, not only in their immediate ways of responding to the current situation but also in a much more profound and long-term way of rethinking their operating model and building their business continuity plans. We are in “multi-experience” era.

The webinar will offer you new ideas and knowledge to:

  • Learn more about multi-experience and future customer experience centre
  • Redesign your customer experience strategy to drive business breakthrough
  • Disrupt the way you are providing customer value through digital transformation
  • Transform your contact centres to become multi-experience customer innovation hubs
  • Evaluate emerging technologies and innovations that will boost your CX and customer contact strategies


  • Keynote speaker: Simon Harisson, Avaya SVC & CMO
  • Matija Čukman, HPB, Executive Director of Direct Channels Division
  • Alen Gojčeta, Predikt doo, co-founder
  • Dejan Ognjanović ,mts - Telekom Serbia group, CE
  • Branimir Spajić, Croatian Telekom , Customer Experience Management Department Director


  • Tvrtko Stošić, Avaya, consultan
  • Miho Pitarević, HCCU/ CCCA, President

Just start the “era of multi-experience” with Simon Harisson and HCCU/CCCA selected regional panellists on Wednesday 25th November at 13.30 CET. Join us and be part of community !!